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Hair Piece/ Gown: Mikaella/ BoLee Bridal Couture |Photo: Rollie Salvan |Makeup: Christine Pacifico Paul |Hair: Amanda Pagan Hairstylist
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    How to Sock Bun

    So I’ve been meaning to try out this whole “Sock Bun” Hairstyle and I finally found the perfect sock and time to try it out. =) I came across a DIY for the Sock Bun on Pintrest and realized this is probably how those ladies hair buns I’ve been admiring are so perfect. So I looked more into it and watched a video of how to as well. You know how thing always look so simple, and when it comes down to you doing it- it’s not. Well, this is really that simple! There is also an extra perk to the Sock Bun, once you take it out after wearing it for a while you will have such nice curls for the next hairstyle without having to do anything ;) . Try it out…

    Pintrest Photo

    YouTube Video

    My Sock Bun

    A Vintage Style Do

    I was invited to be a hair model for a Bumble & Bumble Styling class at Salon Valenti in Fremont, CA a couple weeks ago. I had the pleasure of having my hair done by the super sweet and fun Denile and Amanda J, with tips from a super cool and inspiring B&B Rep. I have used a few Bumble & Bumble products and have always loved the brand, and this time around I was able to see how some of the newer products work.

    My hair has always been filled with volume, and a few years ago I finally stopped trying to flatten it with straightening product, straighteners, and even relaxing chemical treatments. I finally embraced what I was blessed with and from that point on I have enjoyed styling and making my hair as voluminous as possible.

    Being so passionate about past styles from beauty trends to fashion trends, this hairstyle was a dream. Enjoy the photos of my day at Salon Valenti and what the amazing Bumble & Bumble products can do for you ;)

    Trendy Nails

    I’ve been on a nail polish hype lately and have been trying different colors. I’ve come across some amazing styles that people have been trying on Facebook and Instagram and wish I was daring enough to try them out myself. I feel that they look so much easier to do than they really are because my nails never seem to come out the way I would hope =/. Here are some of my trendy nails that I’ve been coloring my fingers with lately. What are you favorite nail colors and styles?

    Top Left:  2 coats white polish. 2 coats glitter polish. 2 coats top coat

    Top Right: Strips of tape across the top of my nails. 2 coats fuschia tips. 2 coats top coat

    Bottom Left: 2 coats red posih. 2 coats top coat

    Bottom Right: 2 coats Tiffanys blue. 1 coat top coat. black polish stiletto stamp. 2 coats top coat

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